Episode 9: Molka & Online Violations of Women in South Korea


This week, we welcome Dr. Yenn Lee, to speak about Molka & Online Violations of Women in South Korea. Yenn is an active researcher in the field of digital culture and politics, with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. At SOAS she also designs and delivers an institution-wide training programme for doctoral researchers. In addition to providing courses and workshops on research methods and skills, both online and offline, she is responsible for a range of other tasks to enhance postgraduate research experience.

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Read Dr Yenn Lee’s paper Online Consequences of Being Offline, A Gendered Tale from South Korea.

Visit Yenn’s website for more of her writinghttps://yawningtree.wordpress.com/

And follow Yenn on Twitter@yawningtree

The latest scandal surrounding the South Korean spycam epidemic Arrests over hotel spycam porn ring that filmed 1,600 guests across South Korea

Read the Reuter’s article about the latest sex scandal involving some of South Korea’s most famous K-Pop stars Sex, lies and video: scandals rock K-pop world

And learn more about Megalia, an online feminist group that was started in 2015 as a response to the misogynistic culture and discourses in male-dominated online communities in the Feminist Media Journal titled We take the red pill, we confront the DickTrix: online feminist activism and the augmentation of gendered realities in South Korea

For more background on Korea’s spy cam epidemic read These aren’t random objects. They’re hidden cameras on the Korea Exposé website. 

France 24 cover the biggest ever women’s demonstration in South Korea. Read about this in the article ‘Spycam porn’ sparks record protests in South Korea

The Guardian article A part of daily life’: South Korea confronts its voyeurism epidemic looks at institutionalised sexism and how it relates to new laws against sexual online violence in the UK. 

The article Digital undertaker business booming about how businesses concerned with the right to be forgotten are booming in South Korea. 

Read the Huffington Post article, No woman in a public place is free from the risk of upskirting — we must do more to tackle image-based sexual abuse

Read the Slate article on the misogynistic Dutch website AnonIB: Inside AnonIB, Where Hacking Is a Sport and Women’s Bodies Are the Prize

The Verge reports on legal measures taken against AnonIB in the article Dutch police have shut down Anon-IB in the course of a revenge porn investigation.

An article questioning privacy in the age of social media on Business Insider, The viral #PlaneBae story is raising some serious questions about how creepy social media can be.

The New York Times article How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life questions online activities and their offline consequences.