Episode 8: AI for Social Good


This week, we welcome Angad Chowdhry and Anurag Banerjee, the co-founders of Quilt.ai, the company using big data to understand people better. We speak to them about AI for Social Good.

Dr Angad Chowdhry completed his PhD from SOAS, the University of London. His  academic specialization is anthropology and media studies. He has conducted big data / big culture research in over 70 countries across clients and industries. At Quilt.ai he is working on integrating the latest advances in cognitive computing with the exponentially increasing human data that is being openly generated to conduct anthropology at scale.

For almost a decade, Anurag Banerjee ran a 800 person team for global business development at American Express. He built a fee based Travel Big Data business to $1BB before starting on his entrepreneurial journey. He was employee number one at Jana Mobile (invested in by Publicis and Verizon ventures with $100MM raised). Post exiting Jana, he raised $150MM across multiple ventures he has backed / advised. SocialCops is his venture prior to Quilt.ai was funded by Ratan Tata & work for India’s Prime Minister Modi. 

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