Episode 15: Dynamic Solutions for Healthcare in the Global South


This week we are joined by Dr. Rainer Tan to speak about Dynamic Solutions for Healthcare in the Global South.

Rainer is Swiss, Malaysian and Canadian. He grew up in Canada and finished med school at the university of Lausanne, Switzerland in 2014. He was the Field Coordinator in Tanzania for the NGO Canada Africa Community Health Alliance, and is now in residency training for a specialisation in Tropical Medicine, while completing a Clinical Research Fellowship for a PhD in Clinical Epidemiology at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH). Rainer’s research consists of developing and evaluating clinical decision algorithms for the management of sick children in peripheral (mostly rural) health facilities in Tanzania with the DYNAMIC project. He will be moving to Tanzania in January 2020 for 2-3 years to work on this project.

The DYNAMIC project is lead by the Global and Digital Health Unit at Unisanté in Lausanne, Switzerland, in collaboration with the SwissTPH, EPFL, and the Ifakara Health Institute, and the National Institute for Medical Research in Tanzania.

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