“I really enjoyed attending SOAS Coding Club. I was able to advance my Python skills and become a better programmer due to the support offered by the coaches. I want to say a big thank to Chipo who went out of her way to find coaches who were data scientists as this is an area I am interested in getting into. THANKS!”
— Abdillahi, Data Analyst

Welcome to SOAS Coding Club…

The web has rethought almost everything - politics, commerce, media, information, development, data, finance and more. So it’s easy to understand why the concepts around digital futures are at the forefront of today’s global debates.

What was once the secret knowledge of a few guys with Computer Science or IT specialisations, now affect us all on a personal level and is shifting the paradigm of the global economy.

Join us if you are interested in taking part in the conversation around how technology is shaping the world. Or sign up for our workshops to gain new skills and knowledge in programming, web design, and computer science.

We look forward to shaping global digital futures at SOAS.

Email us: soascodingclub@gmail.com

Find us online Facebook: @SOASCodingClub Twitter: @SOASCodingClub

Join us on Slack: soascodingclub.slack.com

“When I learned that there was a Coding Club at SOAS, I immediately signed up. I attended every class in the semester even when I did not have much time, all thanks to the great group of people that Chipo brought together. Not only was Chipo extremely helpful in breaking down the tutorials for us, but she also engaged everyone to ensure that people were making friends and getting out of their comfort zones. Coding, especially when picked up during your Masters, is not an easy hobby. It takes a great tutor and a great bunch of people to keep going after the first couple of times, and Chipo did an excellent job.”
— Banu, MSc Development Studies
“The SOAS Coding Club has introduced me to HTML, CSS and JavaScript in an approachable and fun way. Working together in teams to figure out how to follow tutorials and create our own websites has enabled me to work creatively, precisely and consistently. The coaches were always there to help and explain issues and problems with the code and Chipo’s enthusiasm and outstanding organisation made me join nearly every week. I am sure that the skills I have gained will be handy in my future career path. A great initiative, which I hope will continue!”
— Sarah, MA Global Media & Post National Communication
“I really enjoyed the SOAS Coding Club. Chipo put so much effort into organising the sessions, arranging for expert tutors to come in, and coached students herself. Learning to code was a great compliment to my media degree, and I’m so grateful that Chipo made this available to us! Her teaching style is dynamic, fun, and adapted to the student’s strengths. She made coding into a really enjoyable challenge for everyone and also had a lot of industry advice, insight and connections to offer students. Huge thank you to Chipo for starting Coding Club!”
— Libby, MA Media in Development
The SOAS Coding Club was welcoming, chill and a great experience. People’s diverse ideas and creativity were appreciated openly without the unnecessary competitiveness that surrounds so much of programming and IT.
I had tried online/MOOC programming courses by myself but they were too frustrating when I had more questions than they answered. Being in a group with others asking the same questions that I had, made the experience less frustrating and more memorable.
Being from such diverse backgrounds we were all able to contribute various aspects to conversations about programming and IT. The organiser, Chipo, was great too!
— Marie, MA Language Documentation & Description